Investment Strategy

Identify Successful investments are found through market knowledge and relationships. The best investments are the opportunities that are found before the market can discover them. Keen market knowledge allows Transpacific Investments to find superior acquisitions and determine the plan to maximize our return to investors.

Acquire There is no substitute for thorough due diligence. Careful and disciplined investigation of the property, contracts, governmental regulation, leases and capital markets validates the purchase process and uncovers opportunities for future cash flow and value. The operating and disposition plans are developed and the strategy for operation is perfected during the acquisition process.

Operate Ideas with out implementation are not worth very much. The daily management of commercial real estate must be directed and held accountable to the plan designed to maximize the return for the asset. Only through successful implementation and constant vigilance of the asset plan will the investment objective be realized.

Sell It is true that an investor makes money when an asset is purchased, but the gain is never realized until it is sold. Diligence during a sale is equally critical as diligence during the purchase. Upon realization of the investment goals, the asset must be underwritten to maximize value, the appropriate purchaser must be selected and process needs to be closely monitored and directed through the closing for a successful transaction.
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