Statement to Brokers

Transpacific Investments, LLC appreciates the opportunities afforded to our company by the investment brokerage community. We consider the broker's role to be a critical component to the success of the company and to the accomplishment of our mission.


Transpacific Investments, LLC, will:

  • Pay fees if appropriate
  • Respond promptly to all submissions
  • Provide compelling incentives to brokers as appropriate to the transaction
  • Provide confidentiality to the brokers
  • Protect registered brokers
Please contact Stan Kleweno at Transpacific Investments, LLC with any investment opportunities in the greater Northwest. The company desires to purchase CBD and suburban office, business parks, flex, industrial, multifamily and retail projects.

Transpacific dK Investments LLC, 16325 Boones Ferry Road, Suite 201, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
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